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In my Digital Design class, we get a chance to play around with Photoshop quite a bit--more or less, that's all we really do. Here are a few of the assignments and the results I personally got. Anything you like to do on photoshop or something really easy to show others? Post it here.

This one was to 'give your photos a retro comic book effect' .

This was the picture I began with:
Original for Retro Small.JPG
This was my final effect:
Retro Small.JPG

And, for my vanity, this was a very basic touch-up job I did on the original image:
Touch Up for Retro.JPG

I think that if I had used the Touch Up one, I probably wouldn't have wound up looking like I'm terminal.
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This slideshow was a presentation for a "software engineering" class - we had to spec and plan a project but not actually produce a product. You can probably guess which image was my very first foray into the realm of 'shoopery.

Since then I've done all sorts of ridiculous things. Here are a few samples.
zerodave.ytmnd.com - graphics and audio. I got the timing on that GIF darn near perfect and then found out the page doesn't really care that much if they don't load in sync. Dur.
Another early attempt.
Altering line art can be tricky.
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The Forum > Technology > Fun Things with Photoshop
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