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Origami Thingamajig

You will need 6 pieces of paper. Fan them out all pretty-like like this.

Pick one color.

Fold it in half horizontally and vertically

Now fold the edges to one of the center creases

And fold the other edges to the other center crease

Dig in there and pull the corners out (see the pin wheel instructions for further explaination)

Lift triangular flaps up and squish them flat into a square. Like the picture.

Yes, like that

Do that to all of them

Do this

To all of them!

Then undo it

Now tuck two opposite corners into the pockets

Remember those small creases I made you make? Now fold those creases IN

Now fold the corner

If it's one of the untucked corners, then it should look like this

Fold similarly for all 4 corners

Now you have 4 "inner" corners that you will now fold to the center

Do it for all of them

So now it should look like this. Do this for all 6 sheets of paper

Thingamajig party! Start linking them together in a cube

The long parts should fit snugly in the pocket parts.

And it will look like this.

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